Project Management

Project Management And Trade Show Booths

Trade show marketing is stressful. Our trade show management makes it a breeze.

Anyone who’s ever tried their hand at trade show marketing knows what a hassle even the simplest things related to trade show booths can be. Getting an outlet for the lighting on your trade show display can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, and dealing with the tradeshow staff can make everything just a little more difficult.

You need to be ready to shine when the tradeshow begins. Let us handle the logistics.

We offer complete project and show management, and when we say complete, we mean it. Our excellent customer service comes into full play in our management department. Our trade show marketing team is willing to anything it takes to make sure your event goes off flawlessly. And you? You’ll never have to lift a finger.

Show Coordination

You’re on the path to success. We’re here to make sure that path is smooth. From scheduling to ordering to managing the labor and clearing out tradeshow problems big and small as they arise, our job is to make sure you never have to deal with a single issue related to your trade show booths. You can arrive secure in the knowledge that you have everything you need, everything you asked for – and probably a little bit extra.

Display/booth logistics

You have very particular ideas about how you want your trade show displays to look. We can make those ideas a reality, getting you the right displays and the trade show booth design you need to get the visual impact you’re looking for. We’ll coordinate all of the ordering and management, making sure every piece is in place before you arrive.

Installation and Dismantling

Even with the easy, low-maintenance displays we provide, sometimes the idea of setting up trade show displays is just too much to handle. That’s doubly true if you have a trade show booth or a large display. We handle both set-up and dismantling of your exhibit with the ease thirteen years in the business affords. Your exhibit appears and disappears like magic

Sound like a great way to be worry-free for your next event? Contact us today and we’ll get started on making your next show a breeze.

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