Advantages of The Xzibit Group’s Custom Designed and Built Marketing Kiosks in Toronto

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Marketing kiosks are one of your best go-to solutions for putting your brand in front of customers anywhere, at any time. Whether designed as permanent installations or easily-movable point-of-sale locations, a well-designed marketing kiosk has all the impact of a physical store with a minimal footprint.

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When you partner with The Xzibit Group to design and build your marketing kiosks in Toronto, you’re working with an award-winning group with over 15 years’ experience building superior physical marketing tools for a variety of domestic and international brands.  

Why Choose The Xzibit Group to Create Your Marketing Kiosks in Toronto

  1. Creative Design Work

Whether you simply want a new logo or layout for marketing kiosk materials you already own, or an entirely new audience-wowing booth to really stand out at your next appearance, The Xzibit Group has a top team of 3D designers ready to make it a reality. Our designs are creative, eye-catching, and perfectly capture the spirit of each brand we work with.

  1. Building and Logistics

From custom-printing all your new graphics, to gathering materials, to assembly/disassembly at the venue itself, The Xzibit Group has you covered. We offer an end-to-end solution to all your physical construction and logistics needs. We’ll even store the kiosk for you before or after the event, if you need storage space.

  1. Total Project Management

Are you new to kiosks? Or just don’t want to deal with the hassle? Our experience can be put at your disposal. Our project coordinators can eliminate all the stress, navigating the tedious bureaucracy and specific display regulations on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly. From negotiations to marketing, you can see your next major live appearance go off without a hitch and without having to lift a finger.

The Xzibit Group Offers 24-Hour Support!

When we say, we’ll go above and beyond to make your next trade show or marketing kiosks in Toronto a success, we mean it. We’ve recently implemented 24-hour support for our clients, meaning our world-class customer support is available to you whenever you need it. At any time of day or night, if an issue crops up, we’re here to help.

Contact Xzibit Group today for a full consultation on your next marketing kiosk project.