The Xzibit 20X20C1 system is a modular display system that uses aluminum extrusion and silicone edged tension fabric graphics. Due to the custom nature of this system it is customized as needed. There are many accessories available. Due to the modular nature this display can be re-configured to create different displays as well as expanded for larger displays at a later date. The advantage to a modular system such as this is that it provides the professional appearance of a custom display to set you apart from most other displays but has the features of a portable unit.


  • STANDARD SIZES: Customized to any size/configuration.
  • SHIP WEIGHT & DIMS: Varies
  • SETUP TIME: Varies.
  • CASE: Hard plastic wheeled case or custom crate.

The display has a 1 Year Warranty.

Custom configurations and sizes available.


  • LED spotlights.
  • Literature Holders.
  • Shelves.
  • TV Brackets.
  • Counters.
  • Rigid material clips.