The Mosaic display system is an exhibit stand solution that lets you easily create a custom stand using pre-assembled modules.

It creates unrivaled graphic impact thanks to its space entirely dedicated to your image, and offers all the features you need.

The Mosaic Display is ideal for those in need of a flexible, modular stand for purchase or rental.



The Mosaic Display is a solution that is easy to design and set up/dismantle.

No technical expertise is required. Setup does not require any tools.



Your display is shipped in a wooden crate containing pre-assembled modules. The graphics stay attached to the frame, and the panels connect together with a very easy-to-use connector.

The Mosaic Display is THE ideal solution for your exhibit programs

The Mosaic Display offers you the agility you’ve been dreaming of. It is the best exhibition solution when:

  • You plan on attending at least two trade shows per year.
  • You do not know the details about your location ahead of time, or if you like to take advantage of location opportunities at the last minute.
  • You are looking for an adjustable, reusable and reconfigurable stand.
  • You wish to have the choice of purchasing or renting based on your budget.
  • You value significantly reducing the environmental footprint of your stand.



Full visual graphics to showcase your image.

Your communication space is maximized, no aluminum profiles are visible, your message is even more effective and your stand conveys a true image of quality.

100% connected for endless possibilities!

The Mosaic display line is an endlessly reusable and reconfigurable solution that is available for purchase or rental. All of the modules connect together without restrictions. This ensures that you can use your stand in every space, even those for which you do not have the details ahead of time.




Functional: focus on the essentials

Each module is designed for a specific purpose (communicate, present, display, design, welcome, store, etc.). You can pre-equip some modules by choosing optional kits.



Creative: stand out from the crowd

Set yourself apart by creating your own graphics.

With the design tools available to you to visualize the end results, you can give your booth a completely personal touch.



Intelligent and simple

The panels are delivered assembled in a transport crate with the graphics attached.

No technical expertise is required: you can set up your stand by yourself, quickly, in complete serenity and without any tools.

Connecting two panels together takes less than 2 minutes, and so setting up a 18 square meters stand takes less than one hour.

We can also provide you with setup assistance with our expert assemblers, available in several cities and countries.



Mosaic Display stands are based on reusing, as the majority of waste is prevented. Our concept allows the time and number of people required for setup to be reduced considerably. We recycle the aluminum that is used.

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Toronto, ON – The Xzibit Group is providing trade show booth rentals in Toronto. This is ideal for businesses that want to experience the benefits of having a trade show booth for attending conferences and events. Trade show booth rentals in Toronto is also well suited toward companies that are traveling from outside of the province that want to attend events while they are in the city but want to avoid the cost and hassle of traveling with marketing materials.



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Toronto, Ontario – August 12, 2015 – Trade show display company The Xzibit Group has recently launched their new Mosaic modular display system. With novel design and revolutionary graphics, this new system is everything that you and your company need to present the best possible image at your next show and get your brand noticed.


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